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The original EU project web site

The original web site containing all deliveries of the official EU funded project is provided here for future reference:


Home Page

The vision of the eCSIRT.net project as well as the objectives are laid out on the start page into this web site.



There are two main services for now. The main service is to continue the eCSIRT.net IDS Sensor Network, the other service is to maintain some of the useful informational material collected by the original eCSIRT.net project:

The eCSIRT.net IDS Sensor Network

Pointers to useful Resources



To provide the services explained above some tools are needed. Information about these tools are available.

For some users it might be of interest, that the Crypto-NTP Server is accessible without the need to support an IDS Sensor!


Other Pages

In addition to the material listed above some more pages are necessary - either to help navigate, or to help point readers to new and updated information as well as for legal reasons.


eCSIRT.net > Sitemap  
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