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Some tools are used that together build the infrastructure for gathering and processing the data collected. The bootable CD-ROM image, that provides the baseline for everything - as it is so easy to roll out just another new sensor - is instrumental for the overall success.

As the participation in this effort is somewhat restricted to CSIRTs that have demonstrated best practices and are actively in the community, we have choosen to only make the documentations available here for now for immediate and public access:


User Guide for Client Access to Crypto NTP

eCSIRT.net offers free access to a cryptographically authenticated time server based on a DCF-77 radio clock and the NTP protocol. The user guide will provide you with the necessary information as well as public keys for a secure access to our Crypto NTP Server.


User Guide for the IDS sensors

The eCSIRT.net Sensor network depends on decentralized IDS sensors. To allow for an easy roll-out as well as easy maintenance a scheme was developed based on a bootable CD-ROM containing the whole setup and software. In addition to the bootable CD-ROM a set of configuration information and a public key pair is needed. With this in place, the setup of a new sensor does not take longer than 10 minutes.


Interest in eCSIRT.net Tools?

The eCSIRT.net Sensor Network runs as a volunteer project for the good of the community. As there is no funding for this work, the development capabilities are limited. We are therefore looking for volunteers that would like to contribute to the Sensor Network.

If you are interested in eCSIRT.net and would like to participate in the eCSIRT.net community, please contact us directly.


eCSIRT.net > Tools  
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