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Aims of this List

The eCSIRT.net project aims to address recognized limitations and missing benefits of an established CSIRT infrastructure. By concentrating on the CSIRT-to-CSIRT communication and cooperation, an overall improvement for all participating CSIRTs can be achieved in regard to various aspects.

By applying new established protocols - namely IODEF and IDMEF - communication should be formalized and integrated into the internal workflows. This will enable semi-automated handling of new incoming reports and facilitate complete and timely reporting to other CSIRTs.

The following sections contains references to known tools and documents that relate to IODEF and IDMEF.


Links to IODEF Documents


Links to IODEF Tools


Links to IDMEF Documents


Links to IDMEF Tools


Links to other CSIRT related Tools and Products


eCSIRT.net > Services > IODEF/IDMEF Solutions  
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