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Point of Contact

The eCSIRT.net consortium has nine partners. For all public requests, PRESECURE Consulting GmbH acts as the point of contact. You might contact any of the members directly in case you have information specifically for them. This might be especially relate to any information regarding specific incidents, attacks and vulnerabilities identified.

While project related emails will be answered, other emails and/or telephone as well as telefax requests might be forwarded to partners for follow-up or discussion within the consortium.


Email Address

For requests regarding Incident Response cooperation and the project please send an email to:


In order to protect the confidentiality of email send to this address you might use one of the following PGP keys:


Telephone and Telefax Number

You might use the following number for both telephone and telefax:

+49 - 700 - 77373287 (= +49 - 700 - PRESECURE )


eCSIRT.net > Contact  
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