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Access to Services

The eCSIRT.net project has developed concrete and agreed common baselines for automated CSIRT co-operation and infrastructure services supporting CSIRT operations. Some of the services are now continued by volunteers.


Access to a Cryptographically authenticated Time Server (NTP)

With time.pre-secure.de access to a cryptographically secured NTP server is available. The time served is based on a DCF-77 radio clock.

An explanation of how to access and use the NTP server is available as User Guide for *nix systems.

If you would like to support our project by providing a user guide for cryptographically authenticated access from Windows or Mac systems, please contact us directly.


Common Baseline for eCSIRT.net


Code of Conduct

In order to be able to store and exchange incident data between CSIRTs - whether based on the common language or not - a shared and agreed upon code of conduct between all partners was necessary. The eCSIRT.net partners agreed on the Code of Conduct in December 2002. The code was established based on an already existing code of conduct put into practice by the German CSIRT community CERT Verbund in Summer 2002.


Policy Statement

But a Code of Conduct is to unspecific to address the details related to the exchange of data practiced in the eCSIRT.net Sensor Network. Therefore a specific policy statement was developed and agreed upon.

Originally the policy statement covered more then the eCSIRT.net Sensor Network, including other statistic functions as well. As the volunteer project started, the policy statement was edited to reflect only the needed statements for the sensor network.


Other Resources

Pointers and brief explanations of useful resources available elsewhere:


Interest in eCSIRT.net Services?

The eCSIRT.net Services are currently provided by volunteers from the European CSIRT community. The eCSIRT.net Sensor Network as well as the maintenance of the resource collection originally developed by the EU funded project will be continued. We are still exploring and investigating issues outside the scope of the original project but of interest to the international CSIRT community.

If you are interested in eCSIRT.net and would like to participate in the CSIRT community around it or if you are interested in the future of the services, please contact us directly.


eCSIRT.net > Services  
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