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IDS Sensor Network continues ... (5 March 2004)

As some part of the project - most interestingly the IDS sensor network - caused much discussion and as there was no consensus, whether such network would be benenficial to all, and as the setup is far from being anywhere near the definition of a "service", it was felt that the network should be continued based on the efforts of volunteers:

For the purpose of the public presentation the existing web site was "re-used", while maintaining the original web site containing all deliverables of the project for interested parties (see below).


Is this the end ? (16 January 2004)

During the TF-CSIRT Meeting in Madrid, Spain, the take-up of the eCSIRT.net services was discussed within the community of European CSIRTs. Even before, there were some decisions made in regard to continuation of some of the services and efforts.

To make a long story short, there are two actual approaches:

Input to TF-CSIRT Working Groups

Some results have been tailored towards the needs of the project. While they still serve as an example and have proven to be sufficient for the partners, such sensitive documents like any Code of Conduct needs more discussion within a group that should apply this code. In addition as the scope of the European CSIRT community is broader then the project, other considerations might as well provide enough reasons to change it or at least add to it.

Topics for TF-CSIRT Working Groups:

Take-Up by TI Accredited Teams

The stable pilot services developed in the project - WP4 Statistics Type 1 and 2 as well as WP5 Alerting - could become part of a service delivery available to the European CSIRT community. Discussions with the TI Accredidated Teams however showed, that although enough was said on the functions and techniques, they would like to get an impression of the "look and feel".

To overcome this factor, it was agreed that during the phase from Mid of February to End of March 2003 tests for all TI Accredidated that would wish to participate in the test will be arranged. Thereafter, after collecting the feedback from the field test, a proposal will be considered in time for the next TF-CSIRT Meeting in Hamburg in May 2004.


Where to find the Project Results? (16 January 2004)

Most likely you will find the relevant pointers of interest to you in the Sitemap of the original project web site. All topics can be reached from there.

The final report of the project was lately released to the public and can be downloaded. Please note, that the original web site, containing most of the public deliverables of the project ready to use is still available:


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