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Todays networked systems and communications are fundamental for the working of industry, economy, research, administration and government. Networks, systems as well as their applications are complex, disruptable and the target of intentional attacks is a growing threat. There is a need for co-operation between European Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) to

These are the aspired goals of the partners of the eCSIRT.net project in recognition of their responsibilities:



From now on the participants of the eCSIRT.net project will co-operate in the field of incident handling and build a new community. The take-up of techniques that are proposed within the project will enable the establishment of new best practices and serve the following goals:

  1. to enable a standardised and unambigous exchange of incident related information between the CSIRTs involved;
  2. to enable the collection of standardised and unambigous incident statistics serving CSIRTs involved and in a generalised fashion, the public;
  3. to enable the collection of standardised and unambigous incident related data. This will be followed by intelligent generation of warnings and emergency alerts serving the CSIRTs involved.


The co-operation is determined by the following guidelines:

The eCSIRT.net initiative is open for participation by all European teams that have been shown to follow established best practices by joining the TI accreditation framework (http://www.trusted-introducer.org). Teams outside Europe are welcome to liaise with eCSIRT.net and participate in discussions to progress the goals described above, so they can be implemented internationally. This will also progress the methods and practices developed so they can be utilized and applied in other settings.

Accepted by the eCSIRT.net partners on 9 December 2002 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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eCSIRT.net > Service > Code of Conduct  
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