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Partner Organisations of eCSIRT.net

The consortium exist of nine partners. The emphasis of the consortium is two fold:

These teams from countries spanning Europe and Europe+ assembles not only the business competence and technical skills but also the cross-cultural experience required to achieve the objectives of eCSIRT.net. In addition the broad coverage of European countries will enable the transfer of the established practices and demonstrated usage to other teams located in these countries.

Information Society Technologies Programme (IST) United Kingdom Education & Research Networking Association (UKERNA) CERT Polska Le Réseau National de Télécommunications pour la Technologie, l'Enseignement et la Recherche (Renater)
RedIRIS - Spanish National Research Network eCSIRT.net DFN-CERT
Gruppo per l'Armonizzazione delle Reti della Ricerca (GARR-CERT) DK-CERT, a service delivered by UNI-C
Stelvio PRESECURE Consulting GmbH

The Member Network

A network of seven well established CSIRTs, that have demonstrated best current practices over the past years and have become TI Level 2 teams under the Trusted Introducer framework will provide the community of members that is needed to exercise the trial and build the business environment for exploitation and adaption to the real world of CSIRTs. An important decision in regard to the project was to restrict itís members to those teams from national research networks that have achieved TI Level 2 status.

The rational for this decision was the insight that national research networks are on the leading edge in terms of connectivity and applications used by the users. To a large degree they are sharing similar business objectives and work in comparable business environments. This makes for a more homogeneous project environment that will ease the process to reach consensus on important definitions and conditions, enabling the project to go forward and proof the techniques instead of concentrating on the differences between commercial and research oriented environments.

It was felt that by providing some common ground, which would nevertheless by exposed to real factors like different laws, language and culture, a successful trial could be carried out in a relative short time frame. The teams participating (through the respective legal entity) in the project are::


The Contributors

In addition to this network of active CSIRTs, two contractors are involved:

Both contractors have their origins within the national research networks and have still strong links to this community. As they are together involved in providing services for CSIRTs internationally - headed by M&I/Stelvio b. v. both companies are providing the FIRST Secretariat Services as well as the TI European CSIRT Directory - they know all players in the field and have ready access to all forums. Both are involved in defining best practices, setting up new CSIRTs in different environments like the government, commercial and banking environments and have therefore long-time and current insights as well as a deep understanding of issues involved in the operation of CSIRTs. Strong management together with the technical skills will drive the process to achieve the goals of the project and the exploitation and dissemination into other sectors and areas.


The Liaisons

The CSIRTs and companies involved in this project are only part of the international network of active CSIRTs. Right from the beginning, it was felt to allow other CSIRTs to actively participate in the technical work, although they would not be formally involved from a contractual perspective. To allow for such co-operation, the partners agreed on a simple but effective approach:

As all of the partners are actively involved with the TI service and as the TI accredidated teams were very interested in the developments, this seems the best solution.

Over time the following teams were accepted as liaisons:

The acceptance of liaisons has proven to allow better communication and efficient collaboration as well as the dissemination of preliminary results to other parties involved in similar or parallel activities in other areas like the US and Asia. The insights of the liaisons have been valuable to sharpen the viewpoints of our project as well.


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