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Access to Services

As the eCSIRT.net project has concentrated on the developement of the common grounds necessary for any co-operation between CSIRTs, almost all services will be available only for participating CSIRTs.

But one of the services, used internally to provide an infrastructure element, was made available:


Documents about Services and related Topics


Some Presentations


Other Resources

Some links to other important websites.


Interest in eCSIRT.net Services?

The eCSIRT.net Services are currently discussed within the European CSIRT community. Some of the services will be continued, either as a regular service or as project to further investigate issues outside the scope of the original project but of interest to the CSIRT community.

If you are interested in eCSIRT.net and would like to participate in the CSIRT community or if you are interested in the future of the services, please contact us directly.


eCSIRT.net > Services  
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