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The Purpose of Public Statistics

One of the goals of the eCSIRT.net project is to raise the awareness and understanding of the work of CSIRTs in the general public and among the CSIRTs. Therefore, in addition to the exchange of incident related data between CSIRTs, incident statistics will be made available - in a generalized and sanitized way - to the public. These statistics will provide valuable information about incidents handled by the participating teams and about the general hazard level of Internet connected systems.  

Statistics from January to August 2003

The project started with the first set of guidelines describing the needed information to build the desired statistics based on then available documents and earlier schemes for incident categorisation. Data was collected for the first 8 month of 2003.


Improved Scheme for Statistics from September 2003 onwards

After reviewing the results of the first 8 month of data collected, the guidelines and requested data set was changed to facilitate the lessons learned.

Changes were mainly necessary, as the data acquisition of the teams deviated too strongly from the given categories. The interpretation clearance was too large. This applies in particular to the type 1 statistics on CSIRT operation.


Distributed IDS Sensor Network

In addition to the statistics gathered by the teams about their incident related operation and the incident handled, it was envisioned to acquire data about the status on Internet attacks automatically. As incidents are handled by human beings, the information about incidents is assessed and verified - and therefore usually more reliable. In addition it is a well accepted definition that an incident might consist of one or multiple attacks. It was expected that any automatic process collecting data about attacks would provide a very different viewpoint - and if combined with the information about CSIRT operations gathered from the teams - could provide new insights.


eCSIRT.net > Service > Documents > Public Statistics  
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