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Collection of sanitized Cases for a wider Audience

To gather information on computer security incidents for public consumption is always a difficult task. Companies tend to keep any information on these secret, especially on severe incidents, due to the fear of losing reputation and trust. In this regard all companies that have to provide secure and reliable services (as banks, insurance companies or security consultants) are even more unwilling to give away any information.

Even if information is made available, privacy issues always have to be taken into consideration. So any released data has to be filtered for information about any individual or any further vulnerability of the affected systems. The process of filtering out information is complex and costly. And in the end after this process very often there is hardly any valuable information left or absolutely nothing left to be published at all.

Inspite of these problems there are a few sources on the internet that give valuable information, and specifically addresses the important question, how costly an incident might be.


Incident Cost & Analysis Modeling Projects (ICAMP) I


This study, published in 1998, was funded by the Chief Information Officers of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), the academic consortium of the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago. The study was conducted by Virginia Rezmierski and a team of researchers at the University of Michigan. The thirteen CIC schools participated. The objective of the study was to design a cost-analysis model for IT-related incidents and to gather and analyze a sample of such incidents. The following incidents were analyzed.

The project web site is at: http://www.cic.uiuc.edu/groups/ITSecurityWorkingGroup/archive/Report/ICAMP.shtml


Incident Cost & Analysis Modeling Projects (ICAMP) II


This follow-up study, published in 2000, was funded by the USENIX Association and had two primary objectives. The first objective was to refine the costing model for calculating user costs for IT-related incidents. The second objective was to investigate the availability of incident frequency data and incident categorization schemes. The study was led by Virginia Rezmierski and researchers at the University of Michigan and involved data collection from the thirteen CIC schools and five other universities. The following incidents were analyzed.



On the basis of the ICAMP studies, JANET-CERT also prepared some case studies on the costs of incidents. The information is available from their web site.



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