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Certification Authority

The CA is the "heart" of our public key infrastructure. We have decided to provide a scalable solution based on X.509v3, which can be utilized for all applications used within the project. The ROOT certificate of the CA is currently self-signed and used to bootstrap the public key infrastructure:

The fingerprint information for the ROOT certificate is:


SSL Server Certificate

In order to verify, that you are connected to the "right" - our - web server please use SSL:


The SSL Server Certificates are signed by our ROOT certificate listed above.


Protection of Web pages

In order to protect our web pages we provide a detached PGP signature for any file available from this web site. By downloading such signature files a user might be able to verify the authenticity of any file retrieved previously.

We are using the following pgp keys for this:

The above two keys are signed by the PRESECURE Certification Authority using the following keys:

You can also download all keys combined in a PGP Key Block.


eCSIRT.net > CA  
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