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Today's foundation of the distributed network of CSIRTs existing in Europe can be described as follows:



The eCSIRT.net project aims to address - directly and indirectly - the recognized limitations and missing benefits of an established CSIRT infrastructure. By concentrating on the CSIRT-to-CSIRT communication and cooperation, an overall improvement for all participating CSIRTs can be achieved in regard to various aspect. The innovation is not only related to specific new technology but to new solutions to existing problems and new operational practices:

As the strength of CSIRTs lays in the close relationship between the CSIRT and their constituency, the eCSIRT.net project does not intervene in this regard. Only the information that steams from the cooperation within the European CSIRT network which is especially created to support the take-up by other CSIRTs or which are "products" like the public statistics and trend analysis will be made available. Everything else will benefit the CSIRTs participating in this project - and others adopting our approach - by improving their operation and ultimately their service to their constituents. This approach will also address the recognized need to provide local support in terms of language, laws and culture.

As the take-up of new solutions and techniques is always a limiting factor towards availability and dissemination the eCSIRT.net project aims to prepare comprehensive guides and information material that will help other CSIRTs to adopt the common framework, the established procedures and to apply the techniques used. This will also explain the process and lead interested CSIRTs through the process to become an integral part of the European CSIRT network.

To summarize the innovation of the eCSIRT.net approach include:


eCSIRT.net > Background > Needs & Benefits  
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